CARE’s Story

Cameron Academy of Real Estate (CARE) was established 2003 (Permit# ZH1002075), and since then, we’ve grown into the Leading Real Estate School in Central Florida! Our rapid growth over the years is due to the documented success stories of the students that have attended our courses. On the CARE crest, you might notice the words Aonaibh Ri Cheile which translates to “Let Us Unite”, which we carry as a philosophy at our school. Allow us to work together to bring you a well-refined, varied curriculum, taught by the best instructors in the business! Not only does information change, but how we learn it, so we strive to innovate, rather than imitate the teaching methods of the past, and other schools. Our interactive and stimulating classes have helped us retain our reputation as the leader in Florida real estate education.
So come and join our family to write YOUR success story, and WE CARE ABOUT YOU!

Our Story

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CARE’s Approach To Teaching

We have grown considerably over the years. This does not dilute, but rather strengthens our commitment to each student. We constantly review lesson plans for each course to ensure our pace is concise — lively and interesting — and with extra attention to those state exam topics likely to be most challenging. Our instructors attend seminars and practice training sessions to refine presentation of every course.

CARE’s Reputation Starts With Credibility

As an accredited Real Estate school in the state of Florida through the Department of Business and Professional Regulation (DBPR) we proudly display our permits and licenses. Accreditation requires certification of the school, an approved curriculum, and the licensure of every instructor that teaches at our academy. To verify our credentials follow these links:

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What Our Students Say

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