45 HR Sales Associate Post-License (Online)

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Course Description:

This 45 Hour course provides an important boost in your Real Estate Career. It must be competed by before the date of your first license renewal. We’ll explore skills you practice as licensed professional in-depth, plus share insider information to help your career growth. Updates on Law, Financing, and the current position of the Real Estate Market are featured.


If you have a Sales Associate license, YOU MUST complete 45 hours of post-licensing education prior to your license expiration date to maintain your license. Your license expiration date is between 18 and 24 months after you receive your initial Florida Real Estate License.

YOUR FIRST RENEWAL IS THE MOST IMPORTANT. Failing to complete this state-required course prior to the license expiration date will result in Null & Void status. Meaning, if you’re late by even one day, you must re-qualify, as if you’ve never had a license.

The Good News: As long as you stay current with every subsequent renewal, this course must only be completed once. Every following renewal will be a 14HR Continuing Education. And oh yea… NO STATE EXAM!

All class materials are included. Students must successfully complete a final exam with passing score of 75%.


Once this online course has been purchased, there are NO REFUNDS. No materials are included other than an E-Book and this can’t be downloadable to your computer. CARE is not responsible for students who fail to complete their education on time for any reason, and the state will not grant extensions for late renewals. The course can be completed on a period of one year from the date of purchased. Once the course and end-of-course exam is completed the certificate will be e-mail to you in a period of 3 business days.


If you register for this course on August 15th 2018 or any date after, your course provider will be The CE Shop:

Website Link: https://thecameronacademy.leaponline.com/online-education/florida/real-estate/sales-associate/pre-licensing/courses.html

Technical Support: 888.827.0777

If you register before this date, your course provider will be RECampus

Website Link: https://portal.recampus.com/re/Cameron/portal/login?redirect=/re/Cameron/porta

Technical Support: 800-922-2220