Tips For Getting Head Start in Your Real Estate Career

Here’s The Challenge

From your first day in Real Estate, you are building a business. You may be working with a Broker who has leads for you, or you may have assigned “floor opportunity time” when Buyer and Seller calls are directed to you. Many agents do not begin with either of those — they begin by visiting homes “For Sale By Owner” or by contacting their friends, relatives and acquaintances. You are building a business. Your challenge starts by finding your path to success.

… And These Are The Rewards

Would a six-figure income interest you? Top agents in cities and towns around the country achieve this. Maybe you’d like to specialize in working with Buyers — you have that option. Maybe you’d prefer to be a listing agent — another option.

Would you like to work the days and hours you choose, completing the projects you choose? At first, it may take many hours. That investment can pay off as you build a business. As you build this business, you are always learning. You become more and more solidly a professional — with proven skills and valuable knowledge that earns you self-satisfaction, recognition and referrals. You have found your path to success.

Florida State Requirements

Before becoming a Real Estate Sales Associate you must be at least 18 years old and have earned a High School Diploma. A 63-hour Pre-License Course is required. You must pass the end-of-course test, then pass the State Licensing Exam.

These requirements may be modified if you hold a license out of state, or for persons with college or university real estate education. There also are different requirements for persons in the legal profession. All of the requirements are based on Florida Statutes — the laws of the State of Florida. Because laws and their interpretation change, we suggest that you visit the Florida License website for full details.